Shark Bone is a tabletop roleplaying games podcast in Las Vegas, NV. The podcast started in early 2010 with Devon and Jarvis, who have been the constant hosts of the show. In late 2011 Aakin joined them as a regular host. They discuss the topics in the different sections and have a lot of fun doing it. Shark Bone is divided into two sections:

GM’s Reef: During this section, the hosts take a piece of popular media (normally a movie), and mine it for story ideas to use in your games. Inspiration is everywhere, if you know how to find it. This section aims to help you find your inspiration.

Great White: In this, the second section, the hosts take a look at a mechanic from a game, a gaming aide or some other tool that can make your games cooler. Sometimes, they take a look at something they don’t like and attempt to find a better way of doing it. If you like hacking your game system, this will appeal to you.

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  1. Brian D. says:

    Hey guys, I’m dropping a line to give you some feedback about some suggestions from the show. I forget which show I’ve grabbed a few of these from, but I know that I got the kernels from you. I just finished up a long running D&D 3.5 campaign.

    The 1st idea was from your suggestions on interesting terrain. The party fought with the bad guys on top of islands of rubble from destroyed towers as a massive portal poured a waterfall of Magma from a hell dimension into a downtown section of a city.

    The 2nd idea was about the boss becoming more powerful after they died. In this scenario, after the acolyte of the evil Dragon Diety that opened the portal was inevitably killed by the party, his soul reappeared in portal as a dragon demon who then attacked the party some more ( also summoning reinforcements). The group was really excited to kill him the second time, and it made the entire scenario that much more difficult and ultimately rewarding.


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